SL900 C Blue


  • Attractive Color for Children - Pink/Blue

  • Redesigned to fit pilots at young age 

  • Excellent 26db Noise Reduction (See Table) 

  • Full Flexible Adjustable Mic Boom 

  • Dual(Differential) Volume Controls on Headset 

  • Stereo and Mono Switchable 

  • Extremely light-weight of only 375 grams

  • Comfortable Design w/ Soft Cushion Pad 

  • Electrets Noise Cancelling Microphone 

  • Gold Platted Plug for Improved Conductivity 

  • Work for all Standard Airplanes around the World 

  • Foldable Compact Design for Storage 

  • Perfect Gift for New or Experienced Pilots 

  • One Year Warranty



Operating Modes:



Manufacturer Country: 

Noise Reduction: 

Speaker Range:

Speaker Impedance:

Speaker Plug:

Microphone Type:

Microphone Range:

Microphone Source Ohm:

Microphone Plug:




Stereo or Mono 

SkyLite SL-900C 

Blue or Pink

Made in Korea 

26dB Passive 

20 - 17,000 Hz 

150ohm Mono, 300ohm Stereo 

0.250 Diameter gold plated 

Noise Cancelling Electrets Microphone 

300 - 8,000 Hz 

220 - 2,200 

0.206 Diameter gold plated 

All standard avionics 

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