• General Aviation use dual plugs.

  • Active Noice Reduction (NRR):29dB.

  • Passive Noice Reduction (NRR):23dB.

  • Small AA battery bit with belt clip.           (No batteries included)

  • Comfortable half gel half foam ear pad.

  • Clear hear performance audio speakers

  • Fully adjustable spring steel headband

  • Low-Profile volume control knob.

  • Earphone Plug: PJ-055.

  • Microphone Plug: PJ-068

  • Straight cord from headset to folded plug, 150CM Long.

Additional Information

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Stereo, Mono and Noice Cancelling

Raytalk PH-100AC 

Made in Korea 

26dB Passive, 29dB Active 

0.250 Diameter gold plated 

Noise Cancelling Electret Microphone 

All standard avionics